Veterinary Care

The time and energy that we are able to dedicate to a pet when we are in their own home allows us to focus on their comfort during each phase of the appointment. What that means is a relatively stress-free, but thorough, veterinary visit that encompasses all aspects of your pet’s life—from temperament and current health issues to diet and environment. It is our hope that the house call experience will be a positive one for you and your pet.

The services we are able to provide in a house call setting include:

Our mission is to do the right thing for your pet. Always. Often the right thing can be done in your home. Sometimes the best place for your pet to be evaluated is in a veterinary hospital. We can help you to determine if a house call appointment is appropriate depending on what is going on with your dog or cat. If further diagnostics (such as x-rays), or more complex treatment that may involve sedation/anesthesia, surgery, or hospitalization are required, then the best place for your pet is at a veterinary hospital.

We are literally a “Mom and Pop” business, and our availability varies depending on the day. We are not open for business 24 hours a day, but may be able to schedule an appointment in the evening or on the weekend. We do our best to be available when you need veterinary care!

Our service area for regular veterinary care covers central San Diego (as far North as Highway 52), the South Bay, and most of East County. The service range can be expanded for in-home euthanasia appointments.