Aftercare for your pet is a very individual decision that involves your own personal beliefs, desires, and needs, as well as the consideration of your pet’s personality. Some people choose to make arrangements for cremation or burial on their own, or we can make arrangements for aftercare for you.

Cremation options include Private/Partitioned cremation or Communal cremation. With Private/Partitioned cremation, your pet’s ashes are returned to you in a cedar box or an urn of your choice, along with a clay paw print. Communal cremation means that the ashes are respectfully scattered at sea, so you do not receive them back.

If you would like us to arrange for cremation for you, we will gladly do so through Peaceful Paws Pet Cremation and Memorials. Peaceful Paws is a long-standing, well- respected, family-owned company that does an absolutely beautiful job.

We can also arrange for cremation for aftercare through the Graceful Departure Pet Center, operated by Dr. Kristi Freeman. The Graceful Departure Pet Center offers Aquamation as an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional flame-based cremation. As with traditional cremation, you can choose to have ashes returned to you or scattered at sea.

When we are arranging for cremation, we will typically bring your pet home with us where they will be safely kept until the cremation company comes to pick them up. With Private/Partitioned cremation, your pet’s ashes will be delivered back to your home.